Love Letters to Chicago

Young Chicagoans were asked, “what do you love about Chicago?” These are their responses.

From Temi Akande

Dear Chicago,

Summer in Chicago is a dream. Whether I’m going to the Garfield Conservatory, biking near the lakefront, shopping on Michigan, or living my best life on a yacht. Summertime Chi makes you feel like life is worth living for real. I wasn’t born in this city but it has truly embraced me and shaped me into who I am in so many ways. I’ll forever be indebted to you and you’ll always be considered home, Chicago.



From Jelena K

Dear Chicago,

Chicago is about culture. There’s not many places where you can be in one room and hear 4 different languages at once. I love it! The food is better than anywhere. I think another thing that makes Chicago special is, we all go through the seasons together. We’re all goin through it in the winter months, but as soon as the sun comes out we are ready to grow! As someone in customer service, I think we help hold each other down through the tough times, mentally/spiritually, and then celebrate with each other, without even really realizing! Chicago is connection!


Jelena K

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From Demerike Palecek

Dear Chicago,

Chicago has always been so welcoming and loving. It’s inviting to educate each other and share cultures with food, holidays, and beautiful conversations. I live in uptown and the diversity when I walk down the street makes me beyond proud to be here and share with my neighbors.



From Rosalyn Murga

Dear Chicago,

From eating pizza Nova, checking out as many festivals as I can, to discovering new murals, playing soccer at the lake and a having a carne asada BBQ right after. Summertime in Chicago is the best!

I was born here, grew up in Pilsen in the 90’s. Summer was about playing in the streets until dark. Waiting for the ice cream car to pass by, for the elote cart to honk it’s horn or the paleta man to pass by with his frozen cart ringing it’s bells. As I grew up and explored the city, I realized how lucky I was to take a 10 minute bus ride and get to Chinatown or a 20 minute train ride and I’m in the loop. I can go south, north, east and west, and I would discover so many rich and vibrant communities with so much to offer.

Yeah it’s fun to look at the fountain light up in Grant Park or see your reflection at the bean and check out all the tourist attractions. But honestly, there’s nothing better that cruising down DuSable LSD on a summer night with good music, great people and finding a new spot to eat and chill. Would I leave Chicago? No- although the cold can change my mind from time to time. Even with a polar vortex, Chicago is and will always be home.



From Kim Sanchez

Dear Chicago,

I moved to Texas last August, and I miss the DuSable lakefront and 606 bike trails. I miss bike lanes in general. I miss being able to take the CTA bus or train virtually anywhere. I miss the murals on every other block. I miss not having to travel very fast to find an assortment of delectable cuisine. I miss Chicago house music and my friends’ DIY shows. I don’t miss the way CPD and Mayor Lightfoot interacted with the Black Lives Matter demonstration participants.



From Claude Hill

Dear Chicago,

What do I love about Chicago? I love the sunrises, sunsets and the people. I love the memories. Those things no longer here. I love the Taste of Chicago and the evolving bus and train lines. I love to watch folks riding their bikes most of the time. I love to sit on the bench and sketch, as birds tickle the tip of their beaks on the lakefront’s watery waves. I love when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl back in the 1980s and their win printed on the front page. I love the Chicago bulls 6 championship basketball wins in the 1990s and its exciting parades. I loved when the White Sox, the Black Hawks and the Chicago Cubs won their championships on their greatest days. I love the ingenuity of our brilliant youth, and the diversity of our neighborhoods. I love my Chicago because it is my home, and it is my living breaths. It is a loving mirror of my roots and it’s cultural depths. I have lived through it’s first woman and black mayor, as Chicago took it’s first diverse steps. And I get to share my love for Chicago with you. I am looking forward to what comes next. I love you, My Chicago.



We love you, Chicago!

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