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Senate Bill 828: Voting in Prison

The Illinois Constitution states that a person in prison “shall lose the right to vote, which right shall be restored not later than upon completion of his sentence.” The exact length of disenfranchisement is not specified. SB828 restores the right to vote for voters post-conviction.

Disenfranchising people in prison does not deter crime. In fact, civic engagement and ties to the community have been shown to reduce anti-social behavior and crime. People who feel heard, represented, and connected to their communities are less likely to harm their communities.

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NOW is the time to tell our lawmakers to support #VotingInPrison #SB828! Just type in your address and VOILA!!! Your lawmaker is asked to support a more inclusive democracy! bit.ly/SupportSB828 

In 2019, SB2090 was successfully passed, ensuring eligible voters in jail have access to the ballot. Now IL is going even further, pushing to restore the right to vote to people in prison. Help us enfranchise over 30,000 people with #SB828 bit.ly/SupportSB828 

The lives of people in prison are influenced by policies made by elected officials and those who are elected are held accountable by their constituents. Help us restore the right to vote for people in prison to hold elected officials accountable with #SB828 bit.ly/SupportSB828 

We put out a simple request to our community members in Illinois prisons: Tell us why Illinois should pass Senate Bill 828, Voting in Prison. The responses have been outstanding