We are young people committed to dismantling systems that don’t serve us & reimagining new ones.

At Chicago Votes, we believe in the potential of our generation to use organizing and advocacy to change politics as usual. We utilize these tools to develop the next generation of young leaders in Chicago. We bring together young, driven Chicagoans who are ready to get their hands dirty and learn the grassroots basics of our democracy. Want to learn how to organize large-scale volunteer events (we got ya!), oversee a massive voter registration drive (you bet!), throw an awesome panel/debate/conference (who doesn’t?) We’re committed to educating, training, and empowering the next generation of Chicagoans and have designed our programs to act as springboards for young leaders to enter the life of political and public service.

It’s simple: we believe democracy works better when more people participate. That’s why our initiatives are rooted in voter registration, voter education, and voter activation.