Meet our Leaders

We are developing the next generation of policy makers, organizers, elected officials, and leaders through our DemocracyCorps Fellowship, Internship programs, and Brian Sleet Memorial Fellowship. Since our start, we have developed over 200 young peopleā€“building their organizing skills and immersing them in civic processes. Our DemocracyCorps Fellowship develops young organizers from communities across Chicago to be the change they want to see. The program seeks to increase civic participation amongst young people by giving them the tools to organize their communities. Young people leading Chicago to a better future is what it’s all about!

Brian Sleet Memorial Fellowship

Caleb Dunson

Inaugural Sleet Fellow

Caleb is a Whitney Young High School graduate and a first year student at Yale University studying Ethics, Politics, & Economics and Computer Science. Caleb has a passion for social entrepreneurship and increasing civic engagement among young people. Caleb’s leadership experience includes being Junior Class President, where he worked to increase civic engagement, create equity, and build community through several initiatives. In this role, Caleb also organized a debate for the 2019 mayoral election, the first student-organized mayoral debate in school history!

2020 Interns

Eric Shagrin

Resarch & Policy Intern

Claire Duncan

Elections Intern

Charlotte Soehern

GOTV & Unlock Civics Intern

2020 DemocracyCorps Training Series

Want a sneak peak into the trainings our 2020 DemocracyCorps organizers? Check out our public training series!

Civics 101: The Power of Elections

Trainers: Lance Gough, Executive Director & Jim Allen, Communications Director Chicago Board of Elections

Campaigns 101: Issue Campaigns vs Candidate Campaigns

Trainer: Illinois State Senator Celina Villanueva

Case Study: The Civil Rights Movement

Trainer: Dr. Valeria Johnson, Professor at DePaul University

Case Study: Voting in Prison

Trainers: Chicago Votes’ Alex Boutros and Katrina Phidd, and Renaldo Hudson of Illinois Prison Project, Stateville Speaks, and Building Blocks