King Moosa

Civic Leader Manager

King Moosa is an accomplished activist, hip hop  artist, successful portraitist, juvenile justice advocate, and was sentenced to 25 years in prison at the age of 14. With support of grassroots movements, Moosa was able to use these talents to bring awareness to the injustices that he faced as a child in the legal system.

While incarcerated, Moosa fought for brain development to be taken into consideration in his sentencing and others in situations like his. After being denied on all appeal opportunities, Moosa turned to clemency. Knowing this was a shot in the dark, he used the same arguments that the courts had previously denied, but this time it worked and on April 9, 2020 he was released 12 years early!

Since his release, he has been working, volunteering his time, and using his story to bring change to the legal system. Moosa’s story has been heard around the country with some highlights being the song “Moosa” by Vic Mensa ft. Jeremih, performing at the “Art of Innocence” event hosted by The People’s Forum NYC, and heard on SiriusXm radio in a historic interview where he was able to rap from the inside of jail.

Now 29, he is committed to fighting for the voiceless and changing the narrative in America of what someone who was incarcerated looks like.

The King Moosa Column

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