Meet the Creative Collective

Manny Mendoza


Chef/Activist/Cannabis educator, Manny Mendoza has always been an advocate for social justice and traveled across the country and internationally promoting the importance of social equity and community involvement in food systems, the political sector, and the emerging cannabis industry globally. Manny aims to nourish our future leaders. He uses culinary events and dinner parties as a medium to spark dialogue that emphasizes plant science as well as medical/wellness benefits and social responsibility for conscious consumption. Manny is also the founder of Herbal Notes, a cannabis infused culinary power house that packs an activist punch! This amazing creative is the official meeting host of the Give A Sh*t Collective!

Meet the Give A Sh*t Creative Collective

Demi Christi


Demi Christi believes that all artist are contributing to society’s collective memory, it’s our job to be that reflection. Everyday we create something new! Demi believes that drawing is a way to relax and release stress. Creating can bring unlimited possibilities and can trigger something deeply within the viewer and creator. For more follow her on all social media platforms @demichristi Medium(s): Acrylic, spray paint, fabric etc


Graphic Artist/Fine Artist/Designer

Tyler Young is a painter, designer and multi-media artist from Chicago, IL born and raised. Through out his work Tyler is integrating fine arts, popular culture, and a array of mediums. Conveying the emotions and projection of being a young (man, woman or child)in society being labeled a statistic, outsider or villain. Through abstractly touching on personal experiences and current events. Medium(s): Graphic illustration, hand drawn/ painted canvas and garments

Atlas Quest


A man with a story told from different perspectives fuled by life and the intent to inspire, console, embrace and immortality. Medium(s): Music, Acting.

Joy Williams


I found my voice through singing, I’ve alway felt people never listen to what I had to say until I picked up that mic. I do not take that lightly at all, I use my art to tell my Story, and speak my truth. Medium(s): Singing

Kwyn Townsend Riley


Kwyn Townsend Riley, poetically known as Kwynology, is excited to bring her gifts and help people give a shit about her first love, Chicago. Medium(s): Poetry



Kierra (ho3micide) born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She started writing at the age of 6, but found a love for poetry at the age of 13. In 2018 she self published her first poetry book “Flourish”, she had various of women share their stories of things they went through that impacted them negatively and how they overcame it. She wrote poetry for all the women, including herself in hopes to inspire and heal readers. She found ways to implement poetry into modeling and did two projects Divine Masculinity and Project Genesis using her modeling as visuals for her poetry. She’s currently in college pursing her bachelors in Game Programming. Medium(s): Poetry



Creative Photographer from the South East Side of Chicago, visual director, artist, etc. Medium(s): Photography


DJ/ Clothing Designer

Born in Nigeria, raised in Atlanta, adopted by Chicago. Designing clothes and DJing are my vices. Medium(s): Music



Goyard is a Chicago native that’s been producing since February of 2020 after DJ’ing for 2 years. This lifelong artist that just graduated from SIUC with his Bachelors in Business Marketing. Medium(s): Music, Drawing

Cory Rhymal

Rapper/Recording Artist

Westside Chicago recording artist, Cory Rhymal, makes music represents of his own life experiences and personal enlightenment. Cory uses music to progressively build a movement around the belief that we are all one. When asked what drives him to make music, Cory says: “Writing and getting my thoughts into song is one of the best ways to spark conversation. We have to start listening to each other as human beings…you don’t have to “understand” fully what someone is going through to love and know that something should be done to help them.” Medium(s): Music, Writing

Briane Brittani


Briane Brittani is a 19 year old, freelance artist from Englewood! Medium(s):Paint & Design

Vela Seff


Vela Seff is a 22 year old producer/rapper from Chicago. They have produced for local, Chicago artists including Lucki,, Bigbodyfiji, Kiltkarter, and Monster Mike. Vela Seff released 2 projects in 2019 Up in smoke vol. 2 & Tesla Check In Time). They are currently working on their first album “‘Midnight Club”! Medium(s): Music



Keeley is a photojournalist and music photographer based in Chicago, originally from the bay area. Medium(s): Photography

Amira Jazeera


Amira is a Chicago based, Palestinian-American artist. Jazeera writes soulful R&B songs about self love and intimacy while incorporating jazzy vocals & sound influences from the middle east. Amira’s track “Whoever” is full of unapologetic energy and bold statements regarding protecting one’s heart and knowing your self purpose. Medium(s): Music


Creative Explorer/ Conscious Connector

“Xicana from Xicago, B.A. Public Policy, Melody likes waking up at crazy hours of the night to do research, and long bike rides on the beach. You can catch her making a friend on my way to my next adventure! Medium(s): Acrylic Painting, Digital Photography, Podcasting



Shaun is a Public Relations/Marketing student, beginner community organizer, host, and communications specialist. Medium(s): Social Media

Nersa Backstrom

Photographer/ Model/ Event curator

Nersa is a Chicago creative from the SouthSide. He is a self taught photographer & event curator. Medium(s): Photography

Justin Armonia


Justin Armonia is a Chicago based musician and fine artist. Their past gallery works have been dedicated to exploring the mediums of code, sound, and performance. Justin’s current works use the conceptual experimentation displayed in the past and applies it to a traditional musical approach. Armonia is an artist that explores theory and expresses it with self taught instrumentation and programming. Medium(s): Music, New Media, Performance



My name is Avery Sims, I am student and resident of the Westside of Chicago. I am an organizer and photographer committed to documentarian work that uplifts queer, women and BIPOC youth and people in general.

Louie London


Louie London was born on the West-side of Chicago, raised a ward of the state and formerly incarcerated. He has searched through opportunities to rise above a torn background, letting activism and leadership shape his experiences into a wide range of accomplishments. Creating solidarity and comfort through music, songwriting and activism, continues to motivate him to instill hope in others with similar backgrounds.



Jordan Esparza aka HeavyButLite is a Photographer and Founder/Host of “The Conversations: Guided by Jordan”. His photography aims to provide the first-hand experience of what he has captured. Likewise, he uses communication to bring insight and expertise from guests to listeners all over the world.

Hannah Perlmutter


I’m a video and event producer with extensive experience in the corporate world. I’ve had passion projects here and there, but am looking to join a community of like minded creatives who can push me to be better. I’ve produced everything from mini documentaries, commercials, large events and galas, and countless general sessions and keynote addresses. Now, I’ve transitioned to working in the virtual world, producing virtual political rallies, business meetings and commencement ceremonies. All this being said, I think it’s long overdue to use my skills to actually make a difference and help communicate what is important.



I’m a performer in Chicago, doing sketch, improv, standup, the likes. I have a degree in broadcast journalism and know my way around a camera and editing software. I don’t consider myself radical, just that voting should be compulsory, the voting age should be lowered, automatic registration at 16, expanded early voting and mail in voting, and granting full voting rights to people convicted of felonies, while serving their term, not just after. I also want stickers sent along with absentee ballots because I have to vote absentee a lot, but admittedly that’s a little lower down in priorities.



EEMANNA is a multimedia artist inspired by music from around the world. She began recording music in 2012 as she developed her own politics and an interest in underground hip-hop. She grew up in a multi-racial home, an experience that continues to inform her sound and approach as a Nigerian-American. Song-writing is EEMANNA’s primary craft and she informs her craft through visual arts and connection with mother earth. She creates because she believes in the power of storytelling and has a desire to captures truth.

David Copithorne


I am 19 year old photographer who moved to chicago from California. I am passionate about restoring power to the people and ensuring that everyone has a say in our democracy. I am looking to explore combining artistic skills and pursuits with activism and restorative justice in a meaningful way that allows me to contribute to both the art world and raising awareness towards voter suppression and the ways our democratic process has been inaccessible to minority groups.

Perry Hunt

Theatre Artist

Perry Hunt is a theatre educator, director, performer, and writer in Chicago. Using personal storytelling, she strives to ignite audiences to social justice action. During the COVID-19 pandemic and national quarantine, Perry has made it her goal to connect artists and audiences to virtual art and the use of arts activism. In August 2020, she published the first issue of Zine Artivate which encourages subscribers to take action and be inspired by art with a purpose. Perry continues to push digital boundaries to engage students and audiences in art making and political conversations.

Kristen Ahern


At my core, I am a nerd for art, theatre, history, and storytelling of all kinds. I’m focused, detail oriented, and some might even call me obsessive or neurotic. I consider it my mission to teach people about history, cultures, and each other through my work while building a stronger foundation for environmentally and ethically conscious art.

I am the founder of Conscious Costume a group dedicated to dialogue about the sustainability of costume design and production.


Experimental Saxophone Quartet

Heralded as “Too loud for the farmers’ market” by a local shopper, ~Nois is a Chicago-based saxophone quartet constantly challenging what it means to be a chamber ensemble through adventurous commissioning and improvisation. Founded in 2016, ~Nois has become one of the premier ensembles in the United States combining contemporary classical music and improvisation to connect with audiences in an engaging concert experience. In 2020, ~Nois released its debut album, Is This ~Nois. Hailed as “fresh and intense” (The WholeNote), the album was named in the “Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical: June 2020” by critic Peter Margasak. Is This ~Nois is a love letter to the quartet’s home of Chicago, featuring music by composers with strong ties to the city and its bustling new music scene. ~Nois is Hunter Bockes, János Csontos, Jordan Lulloff, and Brandon Quarles.



“Allison Malone, known as “Allis” curates a fusion of sounds such as; old school – vintage soul samples, electronic, and alternative beats that work to provide healing and liberation to her audience. With a background in arts and business, Allis’s musical practice serves as an element that bridges us all together through collective memory.

Finesse Fest

DJ/Producer/Event Coordinator

Finesse Fest is a DJ/Producer/Event coordinator with creativity and charisma like no other. The young Chicagoen began his journey in 2012 throwing parties & events on the local college scene where he discovered his love for the DJ craft. It wasn’t until 2014 that he decided to make things official. Branding himself with a red telephone, Finesse Fest began curating unique events and experiences that bring together music lovers from all sides of the spectrum. He specializes in infusing throwback R&B, underground Hip Hop, and a twist of current dance vibes & that leaves partygoers wanting more.

Touring city to city sharing stages with acts such as SZA, Smino, Ravyn Lenae, NoName & Larry June to name a few, Finesse Fest’s stage presence is unmatched.