Meet the Give A Sh*t Creative Collective

Demi Christi


Demi Christi believes that all artist are contributing to society’s collective memory, it’s our job to be that reflection. Everyday we create something new! Demi believes that drawing is a way to relax and release stress. Creating can bring unlimited possibilities and can trigger something deeply within the viewer and creator. For more follow her on all social media platforms @demichristi Medium(s): Acrylic, spray paint, fabric etc

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Graphic Artist/Fine Artist/Designer

Tyler Young is a painter, designer and multi-media artist from Chicago, IL born and raised. Through out his work Tyler is integrating fine arts, popular culture, and a array of mediums. Conveying the emotions and projection of being a young (man, woman or child)in society being labeled a statistic, outsider or villain. Through abstractly touching on personal experiences and current events. Medium(s): Graphic illustration, hand drawn/ painted canvas and garments

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Atlas Quest


A man with a story told from different perspectives fuled by life and the intent to inspire, console, embrace and immortality. Medium(s): Music, Acting.

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Joy Williams


I found my voice through singing, I’ve alway felt people never listen to what I had to say until I picked up that mic. I do not take that lightly at all, I use my art to tell my Story, and speak my truth. Medium(s): Singing

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Kwyn Townsend Riley


Kwyn Townsend Riley, poetically known as Kwynology, is excited to bring her gifts and help people give a shit about her first love, Chicago. Medium(s): Poetry

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Kierra (ho3micide) born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She started writing at the age of 6, but found a love for poetry at the age of 13. In 2018 she self published her first poetry book “Flourish”, she had various of women share their stories of things they went through that impacted them negatively and how they overcame it. She wrote poetry for all the women, including herself in hopes to inspire and heal readers. She found ways to implement poetry into modeling and did two projects Divine Masculinity and Project Genesis using her modeling as visuals for her poetry. She’s currently in college pursing her bachelors in Game Programming. Medium(s): Poetry

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Creative Photographer from the South East Side of Chicago, visual director, artist, etc. Medium(s): Photography

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DJ/ Clothing Designer

Born in Nigeria, raised in Atlanta, adopted by Chicago. Designing clothes and DJing are my vices. Medium(s): Music

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