Artist Spotlight

Brandon Breaux

Artist/ Graphic Designer

We are committed to uplifting the creatives that drive change in our city. So, when it came time to choose an artist to design our new logo, we knew that they had to be a creator of culture and a leader in our communities. We also knew that we wanted someone that truly represents Chicago. Who better to take on that task than Brandon Breaux? Brandon is the perfect representation of the power art can have on our neighborhoods. Widely known as the artist behind all 3 of Chance the Rapper’s iconic album covers, Brandon continues to meet the demands of the evolving market by having a good understanding of what inspires an audience and what moves the culture. Our new logo was specifically inspired by his ‘Our Chicago’ project exhibited at the Bud Light 1 Day Art Show.


Artist/ Graphic Designer

Phero is a Chicago-base creative that describes himself as a cultural architect developing immersive brand experiences, unique activation partnerships, and enhancing consumer engagement. He is the president + cofounder of Cold Chillen and is the Senior Art Director the Annex. Phero worked directly with Chicago Votes staff to create the branding for our Give A Sh*t program. Love our Give A Sh*t logo? Check out more of Phero’s work at his website!

Tessa Gillet

Graphic Designer

Tessa is a Chicago-based graphic designer with a knack for brand development. She wears many hats and describes herself as a multidisciplinary creative. Tessa worked with Chicago Votes to create a series of graphics for our 2018 annual report. We loved her work so much that her graphics have found their way across a variety of organizational material. She current creating more content similar to the pieces below. Keep your eyes peels for more of Tessa’s beautiful work in 2019 and visit her IG to learn more!

Evie the Cool

DJ & Creative

Evie the Cool is a Chicago based DJ and founder of Babes Only, a grassroots organization dedicated to creating safe and uplifting spaces for young women across Chicago. Evie DJs Chicago Votes events and happy hours on a regular basis and comes highly recommended!

Vicki Street

Creative/ Cultural Influencer

Vicki Street is a Chicago-based creative and culture curator. She’s a strong advocate of self expression and knows how to infuse any party or event with positive energy. She cultivates a platform that uplifts arts and culture in a way that is fresh and unique. Vicki has hosted Give A Sh*t Happy Hours and our 2019 Youth Voice Mayoral Forum. Check out Vicki’s website and book her for an event ASAP!

DJ Young Lord Scotty

DJ/ Public Figure

Scotty is an up-incoming Public Figure in the Chicagoland DJ/entertainment community. He has been providing DJ and entertainment services for about 3 years now. Whether it be a banquet wedding, party, or picnic, DJ Younglordscotty prides himself in finding new creative ways to provide the best and highest quality experience at any type of event. This also includes finding innovative ways to grow his fanbase through social media and other media sharing platforms, releasing DJ mixes, projects, and videos. Scotty has DJ’d multiple Chicago Votes events and comes highly recommended! Be sure to stay in tune via Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud!