Welcome to the notes page! Here is where we will breakdown some of the information from our voter guide. We know that voting for the next mayor is an important decision and we want to make sure you are ready to make a well informed decision at the polls.

Campaign Contributions

Campaign contributions matter! The individuals, corporations, and organizations that give to candidates often gain special influence once that candidate is elected. Take a look at who is funding the Mayoral campaigns at Illinoissunshine.org!


Lori’s Top Funders

  • Herself: Lori is independently wealthy and is her own largest contributor. Kinda like JB Pritzker.
  • Peter Phillips, Dale Taylor, Leslie Bluhm, and John Canning are all wealthy business and legal professionals. If this makes you feel uneasy, trust your gut. Funding from the exclusively wealthy can make for murky special interests.

Toni’s Top Funders

  • SEIU Illinois Council PAC Fund: Service Employees International Union is a workers union for a variety of service workers.
  • Fred Eychaner: Fred Eychaner is an independently wealthy businessman.
  • Local 881 UFCW PAC: The United Food and Commercial Workers Union is a workers union for folks in the food service industry.
  • Chicago Teachers Union PAC: The Chicago Teachers Union is the labor union that supports Chicago Public School teachers.



Just like picking Team Nicki or Team Cardi, endorsements are labor unions’ and organizations’ officially picking sides in a political race. Each election cycle, candidates compete to be endorsed by prominent organizations across the city. What do folks get with an endorsement? Candidates mostly receive political clout and notoriety. Endorsements from larger organizations and unions sometimes come with large checks attached. *Check out Toni’s fundraising + endorsements for a perfect example!* This election is a close one! So pay close attention to the Barbz Team Toni and who’s reppin’  Bardi Gang  Team Lori!

Lori’s Top Endorsements 

  • Chicago Tribune: The Chicago Tribune is a well known, Chicago based newspaper.
  • Chicago SunTime: The Chicago Sun Times is a well known, Chicago based newspaper. Their rival is the Chicago Tribune.
  • Equality Illinois: Equality Illinois is an Illinois-based, LGBTGIA+ advocacy organization.
  • Illinois Education Associate: The IEA is Illinois’ statewide teachers union. The union has 135,000 members composed of Illinois elementary and secondary teachers, higher education faculty and staff, educational support professionals, retired educators and college students preparing to become teachers

Toni’s Top Endorsements