HIRING: Digital Communications Organizer


Chicago Votes is searching for our next Digital Communications Organizer! The ideal person to fulfill this role will be responsible for the successful planning and implementation of digital and external communications. The Digital Communications Organizer will drive our overall online organizing, content creation, and production on external materials.  This is a temporary, part time position through 9/1/19 with the chance to stay on longer.

Added duties to be performed by said recipient are as follows:

Social Media Management 
  • Ensure social media is updated daily and reflects Chicago Votes’ grassroots efforts.
  • Build Chicago Votes brand to ensure we are culturally relevant within the city of Chicago.
  • Grow followers on all social media platforms.
  • Create, update and promote event pages.
  • Manage organizational social media tracker.
Digital Content Creation
  • Collect, edit and distribute photo and video content.
  • Organize content through dropbox and external hard drive.
External Materials and Communications
  • Ensure all Chicago Votes external facing materials (which may include mailers, flyers, and media posts). are in line with the Chicago Votes brand.
  • Ensure photos, video, memes, infographics are constantly updated to reflect our work.
  • Create one-pagers and fact sheets reflecting organizational work.
  • Collaborate to ensure traditional media outlets are engaged.
  • Send out media advisories and E-blasts when requested from Senior Staff.
  • Promote Chicago Votes events before, during and after the event.
  • Ensure issue based policies are promoted online.
  • Collect online witness slips and petition signatures for policy work.
Influencer Engagement
  • Work collaboratively with the creative network to produce online materials, elevate issues, coordinate general Chicago Votes efforts for content collection.
  • Increase online engagement with our network of creatives to be civically engaged and active for the immediate and long-term.

Your position will include working on all of the above in collaboration with organizers and senior staff.

Strong Applicants Should Be…
  • Creative
  • Able to capture content, then organize, edit and post content.
  • A social media guru on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Culturally competent and comfortable discussing race, gender, and power.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Prepared to travel city-wide to capture content (frequently by public transit)
  • Experience organizing colleagues, organizations, and/or movements while centering racial justice and/or racial equity.
To Apply
  • Resume
  • Three references
  • Create 2 meme’s and 1 infographic on why voting is important or why voting in jail is important.
  • Your personal social media handles or personal website
  • *Optional: any additional writing samples or creative work you think might land you the job.

Send the above to “Jobs@ChicagoVotes.com”, with the subject line of “Digital Communications Organizer” by 4/1/2019. 

Chicago Votes supports and fosters leadership from underrepresented communities. We strongly urge woman, LGBTQIA, people of color, and folks from immigrant communities to apply.