Chicago Votes Action Fund does volunteer-driven democracy and builds hella power for our generation. We’re not left or right, but forward. We think democracy’s great, and believe it works best when when all of us–including young people–make our voices heard!

But there are some real challenges:

  1. Ballots can be confusing, and the long list of candidates and issues can be intimidating for first time voters (and anyone, really).
  2. The voter registration process isn’t easy for young people, who move frequently.
  3. Politics excludes a lot of people and can be divisive. It can seem boring, unattractive and disconnected. Political discussion is had on TV by mostly older, privileged people from lands far, far away.


  1. We mobilize more people. We are mobilizing hundreds of volunteers throughout Chicago to have Millennial-to-Millennial conversations in their own communities about the issues that affect them the most.
  2. We do WERK on issues that YOUNG PEOPLE choose. Politics is about getting what you want from government — when young people don’t get to choose what they vote on, something’s wrong. We put in the work on issues that young people are excited about, and we win.
  3. We develop more leaders – on everything from how to organize other young people on the ground, to the importance of voting, and how issues and candidates affect our lives.
  4. We have more fun. Who said politics has to be so serious, dry and dark all the time? No one. Ever. We throw kick-ass events that are as fun as they are informative.  We bring together young people across race, ethnic and community lines. The more the merrier, we say.

Our generation cares about the community and the way our government works, but it can be a real challenge to see how our votes impact the issues we care about and our lives. So we’re working to bridge the gaps between the issues Millennials care about and the choices on our ballots, and to create opportunities to affect these issues directly through organizing our communities.

We believe our generation can build a greater city (which sounds like a little much, but seriously — who else is going to do it?) We believe politics needs to be more accessible, more equitable, and more innovative. So we’re pulling together young Chicagoans across the city to turn things around. And we’re having a ton of fun doing it.

For more “about us,” read Our Mission.

For all the lawyers in crowd– Chicago Votes Action Fund is a registered 501(c)(4).