Not Your Mom’s Voter Registration Drive.

EdayCo2It’s simple: we believe democracy works better when more people participate. That means our volunteers are out registering voters, reminding people to vote and making sure everyone get the skinny on the upcoming elections.

Whether it’s Give a Sh*T happy hour (our voter reg pub crawl), National Voter Registration Day (September 25th!), or collecting pledge-to-vote postcards at concerts, our volunteers are bringing sexy democracy back.

Speaking of, when’s the last time you updated your voter registration?

We’re just gonna leave this lovely link to the Chicago Board of Elections’ check-your-voter-registration page. Look up your last voter registration address right now. Do it!

Did you check?

Ok, good. Now, whether it’s the first time you are registering to vote or you need to change your address, with some help from the inter-webs, you’ll get there in no time. Just print, sign, seal and deliver this convenient little form.

Wasn’t that easy?