Chicago votes is truly powered by you, the person ready to actively make your community better through impacting Illinois’ political world. Boy we’re glad your here.

Tons of committed volunteers are Rocking The Democracy with Chicago Votes. We believe civic engagement is a life style and these people are livin’ it up. We couldn’t possibly list them all, but here’s a peak at a few.

Sophie HSophie Huckabay

Sophie felt her first pangs of civic duty when attending a town meeting in Michigan and hearing a legislator say, “I don’t know a lot about global warming. I think it could be a good thing for Michigan. Florida has Disney World; maybe if it were warm all the time here we could have something like that.” She realized we had a BIG problem. Since then she has toiled hard to make democracy work. She’s got mad phone banking skills and can stop any passer by with a wave of the hand. When she’s not reminding folks to vote, she’s doing cartwheels on the beach and inventing the light rail pod system of public transport, ask her about it, she swears it’ll work.

Dwight HunterDwight Hunter

Dwight is a lifelong Chicagoan born out west but raised in the 100’s. He knew when he turned 18 that votes count, they matter. However, after the birth of his son he understood first-hand how the people that lead our country and city have a huge effect on the things we need for everyday living. When he’s not community organizing you might find him dancing or inventing good looking shoes for people with small feet. Little feet people need sweet kicks too.

folashadeFolashade Samuel

While working to earn her B.A. in Psychology at Eastern Illinois University, Folashade made the Dean’s List, got involved with six (count ‘em 6!) different organizations, and was named one of EIU’s Top Black Achievers. She says that the unselfish action of volunteering brings her a sense of joy because gives her a chance to give back to her community. Fun fact: Folashade is is double jointed in her right thumb! While not giving back, Folashade enjoys watching movies and listening to music.

MitchMitch Salm

Mitch is a theatre artist living in Chicago. When he’s not writing or performing or doing any of that theatre stuff, he likes to read, watch movies, and get involved in his community. Currently, that means getting out the vote with Chicago Votes! He’s excited about the direction of this organization and hopes that the future holds a more politically active, civically engaged Chicago. All around nice guy.

PicRobert Peters

Robert is a Taurus, which means he is bull-headed or something. He likes How I Met Your Mother, and Rainer Maria Rilke. He also likes to volunteer with progressive political organizations. When he was growing up he was picked on, he struggled with race, and he felt oppressed. Fighting for progressive values means fighting against oppression. His father passed away a few years ago, his father spent most of his life fighting for what is right, that inspires Robert in his daily life. Robert currently works at Groupon as a Client Specialist. In his past, he worked for political campaigns throughout the Chicagoland area.