Our Staff

Perry Green Perry Green, III

Community Outreach Coordinator
(aka CEO of Parties)

Perry is the son of two Sci-Fi geeks, with whom he watched lots of Star Trek and Star Wars growing up. Nicknamed Dictionary Perry by his grammar school classmates, Perry is an avid reader and a lover of random facts and knowledge.  Perry is a seasoned community organizer, most recently serving as the Director of Communications and Special Projects at Brothers United Inc. a community-based organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. Perry has worked in the educational, governmental and political arenas across the United States, but he grew up on the South Side and considers Chicago to be the world’s greatest city! When he’s is not working too deeply change the world, Perry can be found traveling, eating and cooking, rooftop lounges, and enjoying Chicago White Sox Baseball.

Ryan KelleherRyan Kelleher

Director of Political Empowerment in the Field
(aka DOPE in the Field)

Ryan was born and raised in Albany Park, on the northwest side of Chicago. She comes from a family that has been fighting big money and power since before she was born. Naturally, she specializes in organizing diverse groups of people to fight for what we all deserve. Fresh out of college she found herself alongside hundreds of activists sleeping outside of the Wisconsin Capitol Senate chambers in February of 2011 when Gov. Scott Walker forced through his union-busting agenda. Ever since, Ryan has been interested in organizing community activists to change the political status quo. When she’s not organizing young people to become active in their communities, she’s driving around Chicago with her besties blasting Ja Rule.

Robert PetersRobert Peters

Director of Operations
(aka Organizing-Organizer-in-Chief)

Robert is a proud South Sider, who loves all things Chicago sports (he is a season ticket holder of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club). He will be making a dream come true trip to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Don’t be jelly. He has over 4 years of experience in political organizing and progressive advocacy, so obvi he cares deeply about creating change. He has worked all over the Chicagoland area in campaigns as large as County Board President to as local as Alderman. Some of his hobbies are writing poetry and short fiction, and playing basketball.

RebeccaRebecca Reynolds

Executive Director Boss Lady
(aka Boss Lady

Rebecca is an experienced campaign manager who specializes in field work, volunteer organizing and youth engagement. She has served as the Director of Citizen Outreach with the The Fund for the Public Interest Research Groups in Chicago and Washington, D.C., where she worked primarily with college students advocating for issues ranging from gay and consumer rights to environmental protections.

In recent years, she has run competitive electoral campaigns in Chicago. Her campaigns are known for their non-traditional and young candidates, and rigorous field programs supported by Millennial Generation volunteers. She’s a huuuuge fan of Orange is the New Black, Scandal and her cat, Jacques (though frequently misspells his name).