Leader Makin’

Leaders for Life!

Chicago Votes brings together young, driven Chicagoans who are ready to get their hands dirty and learn the grassroots basics of our democracy.

Want to learn how to organized large-scale volunteer events (we got ya!), oversee a massive voter registration drive (you bet!), throw a wicked awesome panel/debate/conference (who doesn’t?)

We’re committed to educating, training, and empowering the next generation of Chicagoans and have designed our programs to act as a springboards for young leaders to enter the life of political and public service.

All our leadership programs share three goals:

  • Hands-on, impact focused. We know the best learning happens through experience. That’s why we help YOU build the project from the ground up.
  • Leaders making lasting impacts. We’re the beginning of a leadership pipeline, exposing you to a network of organizations and relationships to give you a running start.
  • Incubating innovative ideas. We have a team-led process of developing and choosing projects to maximizes your learning experience, creative capacity and ability to impact change.

Now’s the hard part– you have to choose. 

Chicago Votes offers two great programs to build some serious leadership and organizing skeelz:

Chicago Votes Internship

11864878_641809432588614_4707476514223318517_oThis part-time organizing training program offered in the winter, spring, summer and fall is a delicious combination of hands-on organizing paired up with campaign specific classroom curriculum. For more deets click here.

So excited? Ready to apply right.this.very.second?
Apply here (right.this.very.second.)


If want to dig deeper and really challenge yourself this summer then DemocracyCorps is for you. Offered only in the summer this is a full-time+ ten week training program. Fellows leave DemocracyCorps able to organize massive events, champion issues they are passionate about and connected to other community leaders and change makers in Chicago. Check it out.