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Chicago Votes offers great ways to build some serious leadership and organizing skeelz:


 DemocracyCorps Fellowship 

If you want to dig deeper and really challenge yourself during the 2018 general election then DemocracyCorps is for you. The program begins in June 2018 and will continue through Election Day. This part-time program concentrates on building introductory to intermediate organizing skills with 10-15 young people.  Fellows leave DemocracyCorps able to organize massive events, champion issues they are passionate about, and connect to other community leaders and change makers in Chicago.


Application opens April 2018.  


CCJ Votes: Cook County Jail

Voter Registration

The CCJ Votes volunteer application is CLOSED. The best way to support this program is by becoming a monthly giver today!

CCJ Votes Volunteer Application opens June 2018.



 You Can Even Volunteer! 

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