DemocracyCorps FAQs

The DemocracyCorps program engages emerging leaders who see the need for change, equips them with the best political tools and training available, and launches them into the public arena.

What are the goals of the DemocracyCorps?

  1. Leadership Development. Organizers will feel confident, skilled, empowered and prepared to be civic and political leaders in their community and our city.

  2. Skeelz Building. Organizers will have the ability to effectively do field organizing and volunteer recruitment to build issue campaigns, register young people to vote, and get people to “pledge to vote.”

  3. Illinois State Politics and City Politics. Organizers will be introduced to Illinois state government and politics.  We connect our Democracy Corps fellows directly with city hall, giving them not only a seat at the table but HOSTING the tables.

  4. Professional Networking. Organizers will have opportunities to meet and network with professionals from a variety of organizations and institutions.

  5. Chicago Votes + You! Organizers will join our growing family of leaders bent on making the world a better place.

How much does it pay?
We’re committed to making sure that that get the most talented leaders in the program and that money isn’t a barrier to participation. DemcoracyCorps Organizers make $15/ hr.

What is the time commitment?
The DemocracyCorps program runs from July 15th to November 16th. In order for you to get the most out of the program and for us to cram in a ton of amazing learning, you’ll be working up to 20 hours per week (promise, we’ll make every hour worth it). Yes, evenings and most weekends.

Who Should Apply?
DemocracyCorps Organizers are 20-25ish years old. They are college juniors, seniors, recent high school graduates (alternative backgrounds welcome) and community leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to progressive values. DemocracyCorps Organizers are as diverse as our beautiful city and come from a range of experiential and cultural backgrounds. Fellows hold a deep interest in the political process and public policy. Extensive campaign experience is not a prerequisite for the program, but an understanding of campaign/organizing lifestyles does help folks make the most of the summer experience.

Still have unanswered Questions?
Just email those questions to Rudy[at]chicagovotes[dot]com. She’ll get you some answers post haste.