Cook County Jail Votes

#CCJ Votes

Voter Registration, Elections, & Legislation

We are fighting for voting rights for people impacted by our criminal justice system by supporting registration and voting in Cook County Jail. After successfully reaching an agreement with jail officials to hold elections in the jail, Chicago Votes is providing voter registration, civic education, and voting assistance for incarcerated citizens in the largest county jail in the country.   Sign up here! 

Chicago Votes drafted and is currently pushing a bill in the Illinois Legislature HB4469. If HB 4469 passes, this election advocacy will make a jail an official polling location for the first time in history.

In addition, it will:

  1. Require each voter be provided with a “Know Your Voting Rights” guide upon release from all Department of  Corrections,
  2. Ensure that each person transitioning into the re-entry process is given a voter registration form, and
  3. Require each jail in Illinois to run an election process in the jail either through absentee or establishing temporary polling locations.