Giving Democracy a Chance

Hey you!

Today’s the big day. The Chicago Board of Elections is projecting 75% voter turnout, and young people are expected to turn out like never before.

Maybe it was the concert and parade to the polls we helped put together with Chance the Rapper, Social Works, BYP100, Prime Fortune and Ballot Ready that got so many young people excited to vote.

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Maybe it was the 110,000 voter guides we distributed this year, or the 28 youth-led parades throughout the city during the early vote period.

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Maybe it’s the voting rights reforms we spearheaded with the Just Democracy IL coalition to allow people to register online, during early vote and on Election Day.


Whatever it is, it’s beautiful and it isn’t over.

Find your polling place here and go vote! Make sure you’re in line by 7pm. If you’re not registered, don’t worry! You can register to vote today in your precinct, just bring 1 document with a photo, and one that proves your address.

If you like what we do, donate to Chicago Votes, because tomorrow we continue our work to transform democracy from the ground up.


Rudy, Jen, Derek, Nicole, Camille, Moses, Christian and the Chicago Votes team