Veto The Veto

Hi friends,

By now, you have probably heard the news that Governor Rauner vetoed automatic voter registration, despite overwhelming bipartisan support for the bill.

Like you, we’re deeply disappointed in this decision. As young people, we believe that our government should ensure that everyone who is eligible can access a ballot regardless of income, regardless of race, age & regardless of political affiliation. One person. One vote.

After collecting thousands of petition signatures, generating phone calls to legislators and coordinating several youth-led grassroots advocacy trips to Springfield, we are proud that we got this close,  just one signature away, from automatic voter registration in our state.

Make no mistake: we’re not backing down.

Veto session begins November 15th, and we are going to work with our allies in the coalition and in both parties to override this veto.

Will you be a part of our movement and contribute to this effort today? Click here to give $10 and make sure we win this fight for all of Illinois’ young people, and for all Illinois voters.

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Love and power,

Christian Diaz

Executive Director