Hello Friends!

We have good news for you! On May 31, 2016 the Illinois General Assembly passed a law creating Automatic Voter Registration in Illinois. Once Gov. Rauner signs this bill into law, eligible citizens will be automatically registered to vote when obtaining a driver’s license or state ID. This legislation has the potential to add millions of new voters to the rolls through a more accurate, efficient, electronic automatic process. More voters means a more representative democracy, and that is what we’re fighting for!

As part of the Just Democracy Coalition, Chicago Votes had a major hand in passing this bill, and that means we’re going to celebrate!

You going to join us for the victory party?

Just like we’ve been throwing down in Springfield to advocate for this historic bill, we will be throwing down on the dance floor on Friday, June 17th for Automate It: Chicago Votes’ Victory Lap Fundraiser in Celebration of Automatic Voter Registration.

Here’s all the info:

  • Friday, June 17
  • 7:00-10:00PM
  • NYCH Gallery – 643 W. 18th St. Chicago, IL

Make checks payable to Chicago Votes Action Fund, 

Further information available on our event page

 Please purchase your tickets and join our host committee by following this link: DONATE TODAY!

Please invite your friends and family be part of history! It’s because of dedicated supporters like you that we can do the work that we do. As always, thank you for your ongoing support; we cannot wait to see you on June 17th.

All of our Best,

Christian Diaz, Executive Director

Derek Bagley, Development Director

Jen Dean, Operations Director

Rudy Garrett, Program Director

Breanna Champion, Organizing Director