Celina Villanueva: Oh Hai Girl!

Check out Celina Villanueva, our new Director of Organizing!
Born and raised in the Little Village community, Celina Villanueva isĀ an organizer to the core, with experience at Illinois Unites for Marriage, the New Leaders Council, the National Council of La Raza, the Progressive Alliance of Cook County and the Instituto del Progreso Latino (she’s pretty in demand). With a strong background in youth development, leadership development and civic engagement, Celina has always strived to serve the community through her efforts.
In short, her badassery is never ending.
Seriously, we are so excited to have her join our team. We’ve had the joy of working with her on a number of projects are all inspired by her constant drive for a more just Chicago. Celina’s passion for mentoring and training the next generation of leaders is something we can all aspire to have. Already a leader in the movement, we’re lucky to bring her into the Chicago Votes / Bus family.