DemocracyCorps Class of 2013

Coming off of the great success of our campaign to make online voter registration in Illinois a reality, we have even more awesome news– After a year of searching our great city to identify the best emerging leaders Chicago has to offer we are thrilled to introduce you to our FIRST class of Democracy Corps fellows.


Welcome Cinthya, Chakena, Christopher, Rufus, Evelyn, Cheswayo, Christine, Evelyn and Scott!

Wow, what a great group! But guess what, these Leaders of Tomorrow can’t change the world all by themselves. They need your help to bring about the change we all wish to see.

So how can you get involved? Well, we have 3 things you can do.

You can start by donating $5 a month and becoming a Boss monthly giver. Your donations go a long way in helping us spread the word on the big issues, getting the materials we need to do our job right, and keeping Chicago Votes on the cutting edge of Illinois progressive organizations. Want to get a little more hands on?

Apply to to be a DemocracyCorps Mentor. These young whippersnappers need the sage advice of you seasoned veterans! Mentors will be invited to special events and trainings and have a chance to really impact the lives our our emerging leaders.

If any of that slipped your mind, here it is again:

  1. Donate to Chicago Votes so our Democracy Corps members can keep on trucking.
  2. Become a DC mentor so that you can impart all of the experience you’ve gained from years of civic engagement to the next generation.