Meet The Fellows!

Meet the Fellows!

…our first three that is!

Remember how totally psyched you were to apply to be a DemocracyCorps Fellow? But then the Bulls got into the 2nd round and you just kind of lost sight of what really matters? Fret not, friends.

You still can (and should) submit your application to be a DemocracyCorps Fellow by May 17! There are 5 more spots still available! 

DemocracyCorps is Chicago Votes’ 10 week organizer summer training program for Chicagoans between the ages of 18-25. The Fellowship is an intensive, transformative and all around awesome experience for folks who are excited about public service. More deets here

Now for even more good news. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our very first DemocracyCorps Fellows…*insert drumroll*…Say hello to Cinthya Rodriguez, Chakena Sims and Christopher Huff!

Cinthya Rodriguez, from Chicago’s West Eldson community, found out just how great it is to remain in the Chi-town when she chose to study not-so-far-afield at Northwestern University. Cinthya has organized on campus and in her community  around issues ranging from the living wage to the DREAM Act. When she isn’t stirring up trouble on campus (the good kind!) she can be found mentoring younger students who share her background or practicing with the ballet folkorico group on campus (she helped create that puppy!) 

Chakena Sims hails from Scottsdale neighbrhood and studies Government and History at Connecticut College, where she is also a leader in several student organizations including SISTERS, the Black Student Union, and a bunch of other groups. While she is interested in providing positive rolemodels for the youngsters, Chakena also has a distinct interest in spending time watching Pretty Little Liars and Scandal. Fun fact: Chakena recently visited South Africa, which is kind of a big deal, if you didn’t know. 

Christopher Huff joins us from South Shore and is a graduate student at the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration. While studying at Oglethorpe University, he served as Class President and started a student organization that provided students from diverse backgrounds a platform to discuss sensitive social issues facing the nation. Chris is deeply involved in causes relating to the young people of Chicago, Illinois, and the country at large (the children are the future, guys!). Chris might seem like a pretty extraordinary fellow, but he’s just an all around great guy.

Join them by applying to be a DemocracyCorps Fellow today!

While you’re at it, get your amigos involved by nominating them to be Fellows. Hurry though, the deadline for applications and nominations is May 17! 

Keep Calm and Rock On!

The Chicago Votes Team