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You ready to help us fix voting?

 Our game plan is to make the long, ink-and-paper, wait-time-heavy process of registering to vote go the way of Gangnam Style and Taylor Swift being heartbroken about Jake Gyllenhaal — as in, sooo 2012. Help us make voting as fresh as Chance the Rapper.

We’ve got a three-pronged approach to make voter registration easier, faster, and more accessible in 2013:

  •  Online Voter Registration. This one’s a no-brainer. 16 states already do it. No need for us to be printing and mailing forms in the 21st century.
 Did you fill out our online petition for this yet?
  • Election-Day Voter Registration. Right now you have to register three weeks before a given election. But why should procrastinators be disenfranchised? Let’s make it so that you can register when you show up and vote the same day.

  • Campus Voter Alerts: Deadlines for registering. Primary elections. Washing bed sheets. These are the kinds of things that college students can forget about. We think public universities should send out some friendly reminders (about the first two, at least.)

But we can’t do it on our own. We need your help to lobby state legislators in Springfield, and to spread the word to friends and neighbors to get people jazzed about these changes.

 Are you in? Sign up to help out!

Too busy this spring to put in the time? No probs– throw us a fiver($) and we’ll promise to deliver on all sorts of democracy goodness.

Join us in this fight, and next time you head to the polls, we’ll all look back on this antiquated nonsense and laugh.

See you soon,

The Chicago Votes Team